Real expertise and focus—up to date, relevant and making your job easy... 

Because we only focus on Aged Care and Community sectors, we have significant expertise in this sector and not just from a design perspective, we give you a simple and efficient full project service tailored to best suit your needs.

Grey Space has purposely sought out staff and consultants with detailed experience and expertise in Community and Aged Care Design, Construction, Development and Planning to offer you the advantage of a well-rounded, efficient and focused delivery service.

Grey Space can immediately help you to ensure base construction costs and potential variations are minimised whilst the design suitably meets a clearly established, appropriate and understood brief. 

Providers & Operators

Would you benefit from a property and design delivery service tailored to your needs, compatible with your internal resources and specific to your risk vs cost appetite?

Grey Space offers all of the benefits of an experienced and cost-focused design and delivery manager without the need to hold all of your eggs in the one construction entity basket, nor the risks associated with traditional methodologies.

Contact Grey Space to explore it – an industry focussed and independent team on your side ( – efficient and supportive of all your project goals.

Construction Stage Services

Grey Space are easy to work with due to our extensive experience in using our detailed contract expertise, IT and communication skills to better the norm.

Grey Space understands your architectural needs and how crucial each component is to the overall project success. Benefits to your construction project phase of work include:

  • Key staff are experienced in D&C, GMP and Managing Contractor delivery;

  • Sector expertise, Grey Space keep up-to-date with leading edge Care and Allied Health practices and networks to ensure the design is right;

  • Commitment to efficiency, ensuring the best of technology, programming, communication and process methodology is engaged to suit your needs;

  • Quality consultant co-ordination services are inherent to our approach, and;

  • Client focussed delivery.

Grey Space creates quality spaces whilst maximising overall design savings through a client-centred, team based approach.

Your brief and goals become ours
— Grey Space Architecture+

Research and Academic Insight - Environmental Design for Ageing Well

Grey Space have invested in focused Academic insight and expertise since 2016, with both constant representation and education through numerous industry conferences and events, and the employment of gerontology and design-specific academic and research-based resources. 

We current are proud to offer the Seniors Living design insight and architectural services of our own Dr Sara Alidoust.  Sara has completed her PhD from Griffith University in Urban Planning, and holds an Architecture degree as well.  She has also authored and contributed to a number of Academic Publications dedicated to our Aged Care and Retirement industry, which are available upon request. 

Sara and Managing Director Caroline Treacy, are currently collaborating with senior academics from Griffith University in an Urban Planning and Architecture context, to submit a funding application to pursue additional detailed research in the area of Designing for Dementia.  If you would like to be a key contributor or sponsor for such work, please do not hesitate to contact us.