Upgrades & First Impression Projects

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The advantage of a prototype approach to Residential Aged Care Bedroom upgrades offers the ability to also arrange for pricing and construction work to be completed, prior to incorporating any adjustments and rolling out on bulk at any given site.  Contact Grey Space for more detail.

Grey Space offers you the most efficient delivery approach for upgrade work, thus providing clients with a delivery framework they can rely on. Grey Space offers an experienced and efficient master planning, architecture and interior design service for upgrade scope. Once we have developed with you a site master plan and a sketch design for a project, our expertise allows great outcomes with minimal complexity and time, to meet a tailored project budget.

As the Managing Consultant in the process, Grey Space will continually communicate with you regarding the design, program and status. We will seek input and authority to progress the project through each phase, and will collaborate diligently to give you the comfort and advantage of one point of overall contact and that we take your input to the project seriously and our own professionally.

Grey Space is all about efficiency. Live sites and extensions to existing operations offer the best example of why true sector-dedicated architecture and interior design will save you on time, pain and variation costs.