A Collaborative Research Project


Mission Cognition

Through a collaborative research project we seek to support a highly improved Dementia Friendly Community, with a multi-level phased approach to research, investigation, collaboration and co-design.

The project goal, is to provide a blue-print for new Community-based drop-in Centres which can be successfully and feasibly rolled out in Queensland. They must offer an appealing and functional  solution as a proactive and healthy response to the vast risks associated with increased numbers of people with dementia living in their own homes in the broader community.

Our focus is improved cognition, health and wellbeing for people with Dementia who are otherwise vulnerable, dependent and/or at risk of harm or rapid deterioration physically and/or psychologically.

Mission Cognition is intended to include input from a range of collaborators and is designed to demonstrate how a cross-sector partnership can be innovative in establishing age and dementia- friendly communities.

The goals include ensuring sufficient commercial and social success to both support community and be viably replicated.

Through a phased project approach, Mission Cognition will aim to find out more and use it for good. With a long history of working in the areas of urban planning and Aged Care architecture, we know key challenges that elderly people who are diagnosed with Dementia are faced with in the context of community. They can be both devastating and numerous. We are most critically seeking a positive option for a “living well” development which offers the following benefits:

Seeking a real-world solution for living well - based on research, innovation and experienced design & project delivery.
— Mission Cognition