Graphics & 3D Illustrations

Grey Space scope our services to suit a clients given brief, and also offer both advice on additional 3D images and graphics that could better suit their targets and goals.  We use state-of-the-art software and talented inhouse resources to produce a product to suit each project.  What we have learnt on our journey is that often it is difficult for many people to read plans and elevations and that they may not even be aware that Grey Space offer various forms of illustrative deliverables.  Here is a very simplistic typology we have prepared to help know the level of detail and realism that may be suitable to your budgets.


Platinum Level

This type of imagery is typically for high-level marketing purposes.  It is produced with a combination of various 3D packages, library objects and rendering skills to deliver photo-realistic imagery which can be reproduced on banners and billboards at a large scale.

Grey Space have a strong relationship with our specialist provider of this service which we will outsource on your behalf, incorporate and co-ordinate 3D files and make ongoing design decisions for optimum results. 

Please contact us with a Platinum Level request with an expected quote return of a minimum 2-weeks


Gold Level

This type of imagery is perfect for inhouse design review at a detailed level, internal marketing & website project announcements.

We at Grey Space have professional illustrative software that operates as an add-on to our own 3D Revit documentation, thus allowing the most interactive, detailed and professional 3D imagery both available and flexible in an architectural design and illustrative context.  Grey Space internal resources are extremely experienced in both packages technically, thus creating the perfect deliverable for upmarket and in-context design imagery.

Due to our own inhouse software and expertise, once again Grey Space can delivery B Grade imagery efficiently and expertly, with a mimimum of fuss.  Quotes or per hour fees apply to suit the project.



Silver Level

This type of illustration can be provided as part of our design documentation process.  It utilises our base 3D documentation tool to provide views from any angle, valuable in driving design presentations whilst maximizing understanding of form and scale and minimising costs. 

Trees, cars, people, colours etc can be applied and rendered.  Costs are based on the addition of time-based impacts to presentation of the overall 3D design model. 





Grey Space also offer Panorama views which can be manipulated on-device, movies, drone photography, photoshopped views, vitual viewpoints, site overheads and internal walk through or fly-overs.  The level of realism required will dictate the time we will require to deliver and the associated fees.