Designing for people with Dementia

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Principles in Architecture & Interior Design

Residential Aged Care Grey Space designs are based on a key generalisation that at least 50 % of the resident population have some form of dementia at any given time.  

Consultant Team Co-ordination

The selection of the project team is the greatest definer of project success and has a significant impact on project cost and delivery time.  Grey Space works closely with a group of preferred consultants who understand the needs of people with dementia and design appropriately and efficiently. 

When working with alternative chosen consultants we must offer additional project scope to ensure product selection and design meets the needs of people with Dementia and their carers, without relying on the client stakeholder team to continuously inform and review designs at a detailed level.  

Designing for Dementia Workshop

Grey Space facilitate organisational stakeholder workshops on designing for people with Dementia. 

The widely researched and available top 10 Principals for designing Dementia Enabling Environments form a key informant for all attendees although we work through these areas with theory, project tailoring, references and the level of academic insight, industry knowledge and design innovation that can be offered by no other (

Grey Space workshops are invaluable and underpin broader engagement with attendees taking ownership of new policies and philosophies in development work and operations into the future.