Dementia Awareness Month - what can you do?

September is Dementia Awareness Month.

Its aim is to encourage all Australians to become more aware of dementia, to gain a better understanding of what it is like to live with dementia, and how we can support people living with dementia.

This year’s theme is Small actions Big difference.

At Grey Space, we are consciously immersing some of our time and energy into learning - particularly around work that is going into tackling the Dementia epidemic - at both the cause and effect ends of this issue.  We try to truly understand our end-user, our market and the commitment and work that others are doing to help.

Last week Grey Space team visited the Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research (CJCADR) at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), located in the University of Queensland, Saint Lucia Campus. Dr Fred Menier and his impressive team seek to best understand the neural circuits in the brain at an extremely detailed level. They investigate how the function of brain neural circuits results in behavioural outcomes, and how dysfunction of these circuits leads to disorders like dementia. The Centre at QBI was established in 2012 and is specially focused on research about dementia prevention and treatment.

Grey Space team’s constant engagement in learning and researching about dementia has a direct effect on our designs and our real value in innovation and evidence-centred advisory services. We are working to best understand the great work that is going on around us in relation to Dementia and people with Dementia, whilst seeking to then share and educate for a better outcome accordingly. 

Small actions, big difference - what can you do?