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Grey Space was founded as an Aged Care focused Architecture firm in 2001, based on our significant experience, commitment and background in designing and co-ordinating projects in this sector.  Grey Space operated from 2002 to 2011 as a division of Core Architecture and developed a reputation as being client-focused and providing dependable Aged Care design and documentation services.

Since 2015, we have expertly delivered tailored Aged Care, Retirement Living, Disability Accommodation and Community Housing design services and development solutions as a separate company.  Our clients engage closely with us to support their want for Care sector operational insight, design innovation and construction delivery expertise, diligent management, quality design, risk minimisation and functional solutions.

The Grey Space focus is on Community - both during development and operational phases of a development's life.  We are borne out of a commitment to making a difference to the lives of those in need, and underpinned with the experience and drive of our collaborative, client-focused teams. We research, visit and intensely engage in the sector and are authentic in our design commitment to our clients in this regard. Your trust in our empathy, networks, design expertise, knowledge and listening skills is critical to our mission, and we will be seeking to add to this further for every stage of any project delivery commission.

In the context of recent and current sector reform, it is an imperative that development be procured with an  approach and dedication that is both innovative and informed - different to that which has been acceptable in the past. A successful financial and functional outcome will importantly incorporate a real understanding of the target market and the development process necessary within this context.  Site demography, planning parameters, operational demands, competitive market appeal and funding comprehension comes with all Grey Space services, to best meet your goals and a competitive brand appetite. The rest is simple - Grey Space Architecture+, offering the underlying no-cost value-add of our sector expertise.